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About Us

Who we are?

During the long-standing working in area of industrial electronics and automatics, it were developed good conditions for founding the company with will be service and will give favors to the companies which are in process of manufacturing.

This company “MAN-DRA” was founded in 1999, and from the same beginning we started with developing of devices with good capabilities and quality which put them on the top of this market. On the market first comes relay automats for control and security in the industry, next were voltage correctors for the industry and household needs, and when were developed good conditions next on the market came digital devices for visual observing of industrial measurements.

The offer became bigger with the Na-halogen lights, and in 2003 we make agreement for representing of the renowned company ELTING for electrical transformer manufacturing. Right now we are researching on the market about needs for new devices from industrial electronics and process commanding. Also, we give service and we are developing devices for process commanding.

Our mission

Our primary aim is to give on the market devices with high quality and accessible prices and we are able to achieve that with our professional employees.