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  • Fuse switch

    SR 17 fuse switch designed for working voltage up to 690V, rated current up to 630A, with a frequency of 50Hz, used in distribution systems as the main power switch, isolated switch, safety switch, over-current protection and short circuit protection.

  • Glass fuse link

    Fuse response time 20/5мм
    Declared power (А) 1.5 x In – минимум 2.1 x In – минимум 2.75 x In – мин./макс. 4.0 x In – мин./макс. 10.0 x In – мин./макс.
    0,02 60минути 0,04/3сек 0,01/0,3сек
    0,032-0,1 60минути 120сек. 0,2/10сек 0,04/3сек 0,01/0,3сек
    0,125-6,3 60минути 120сек. 0,6/10сек 0,15/3сек 0,02/0,3сек
    8-20 30минути 120сек. 0,6/10сек 0,15/3сек 0,02/0,3сек
  • MCB

    Designed to protect against short circuit and current overload of electrical motors, automation, house installation, distribution systems, lighting, heating, etc. In this type fuses the latest technology is applied. His excellent performance are achieved with great ability for rapid interruption of the electric arc and increased security in case of a short circuit.